pansexuality education

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what is pansexuality?

pansexuality is a sexual orientation for people who are attracted to all genders and have no gender preference

whats the difference
between pan & bi?

bi refers to liking all genders & having
a gender preference (most of the time)

pan means having no preference

(not preferring 1 gender over another)

both identities refer to liking all genders (bi people don’t always have a preference and can just prefer that term, and that’s perfectly fine!)

they are very similar & it can be easy to get them mixed up

why don’t pan people
just identify as bi?

telling someone who
identities as pan that they
are “just bi” is very harmful

pan people are often told that they identify that way bc they want to be “special”

some people feel more comfortable with a term that highlights them not having a preference and that is valid!

why have i heard
that pansexuality is
biphobic & transphobic?

you probably heard those things from people who have been miseducated

many sources claim that pansexuality includes trans & nonbinary ppl & bisexuality doesnt which is INCORRECT!

those assumptions make bisexuality look transphobic which
is why people think pansexuality is biphobic

bi and pan should & can coexist they are in no way competing with one another

“hearts not parts” is also very harmful phrase that people link with pansexuality. that sexualizes bisexuality and once again makes bisexuality look transphobic.